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Have a Property to Sell?

If you have a property to sell, look no further than the Harcourts Advantage team. We have the international reach, the national coverage, the local expertise and the backing of the Harcourts Technology System to ensure that your property gets the best market exposure available.

The selling process 

 Buyer activity 

Buyer Interest

Buyer enquiry and inspections will be at their highest when your property first enters the market. Current prospective buyers will always be quick to view a new listing. However, once this rush of activity has passed, there is no need to feel concerned or anxious as the level of enquiry decreases. Most buyers look at an average of 14 properties before they buy. Rest assured that we will be staying in regular contact with all potential buyers for your property. 

Early offers 

When a buyer has viewed several properties they often act quite quickly once they find a home that appeals to them the most. This can often lead to a keen buyer presenting an offer early to avoid ‘missing out ’. We would recommend you consider any early offers seriously. 

Open homes 

Buyers purchase with emotion rather than with logic. To enable us to encourage a potential buyer to take emotional ownership of your property, we recommend you are not present in the property during open homes. Rest assured we will maintain the security of your property and possessions at all times. Group viewing at open home times will allow you to prepare the property to be seen at its best. 

Weekly meetings 

Communication between you and your agent is essential throughout the selling process. We will try to keep our phone calls and meetings as brief as possible. As our role is to be the messengers from the market, we will report all feedback to you. In this way, when you get an offer on your property, you will be able to make an informed decision. 

Contract of sale

We will follow any contract of sale through to settlement date, staying in communication with both the buyer and yourself. Be aware that we will continue to market your property if the contract has conditions waiting to be met, for example ‘subject to finance approval’. Marketing for a buyer will only stop when the property is legally sold. 

Marketing with Harcourts

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