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Don Emslie

Don Emslie


• Born in East London

Attended Hudson Park Primary and High Schools 

• Currently a Principal at Harcourts Advantage (East London) as well as operating Emslie Attorneys in East London. 

• Lived in London, UK for 8 years and worked in investment banking arena there.

• Married to Denny, with two boys – Byron & Calum. 


• Bachelor of Commerce – Rhodes University (Grahamstown) 

• BaccalauresProcurationis – UNISA 

• Admitted as Attorney in 2003. 

• Admitted as Conveyancer in 2008 

I have lived and worked in London in the investment banking arena before returning to East London and starting the Emslie Attorney’s practice. I married Denny and have two boys – Byron and Calum that certainly keep me busy on and off the sports fields and chess boards. I am one of the principle owners at Harcourts Advantage and I contribute to the team by ensuring that the t’s are crossed and the i’s dotted. I participate in many sporting activities such as surfing, touch rugby, cycling, running, tennis and triathlons.